Hi! I'm Nadine. German expat, Teaching Assistant, Blogger, Maker and Slow Living Adventurer. Forever marvelling over the green hills, I'm currently living it like the British in the middle of England.

I used to be a big city adventurer. Then I travelled to the other side of the world. Met an Englishman. Fell in love. Tried the long distance thing. Didn't like it. Quit my job. Packed all my belongings in a borrowed VW and headed towards the Kingdom (hence the name of the blog).

Today the Englishman and I share a tiny brick-walled house, an overgrowing allotment and a carefully curated collection of house plants (our favourite being Dave, the Geranium). If I'm not getting muddy in the garden, I like to splash through countryside puddles, drink plenty cups of tea (with almond milk and sugar, please), read by the fire, knit, sew, make and generally ponder about life.

“What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare...” W. H. Davies
This little internet dwelling is where I like to document and share our adventures. Life rushes by in a blink and I want to make the time to stand and stare; I want to remember those moments that string together the narrative of our lives. Mostly I collect the tales of our adventures in the green outdoors, things I make and grow and musings about living a wholesome life.

Thanks for reading along.
Nadine, x